Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Music, Religion, and Coordination

Kodo - "O-Daiko" (Taiko Drumming) 

Circadian Rhythm

FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm)

How Rhythm Works - The Raw Basics

How Music Works with Howard Goodall - Rhythm

Nakai: Earth Spirit - Native American Music

Cherokee Pow Wow 2014

Instrumental Music (Sitar) by Sri Partha Bose

Hildegard Von Bingen Canticles of Ecstasy 

Sacred Music: Tomás Luis Victoria - God's Composer 

Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir: Tibetan Chants for World Peace 

Traditional Sufi Ceremonies Ensemble - Sufi Devran  

The Mission - Gabriel's Oboe 

Video of highly skilled coordination I

Video of highly skilled coordination II

The science of team performance

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